Trivia Answers

Naturalist’s Trivia:
1.  How many times does a hummingbird’s wings beat per second?

Answer:  Up to 70 times per second.

Palo Alto County Conservation Trivia

  1. Which conservation area was a location where people used to dance?
    • Plantation Wildlife Area, located 8.25 miles north of West Bend, was donated to the PACCB in 1990 by the H. R. Pettit Estate.  This land was the former site of the Plantation Ballroom.
  2. Which preserve showcases 70 acres of native prairie, including an endangered plant species?
    • Telford Prairie is located 2 miles northeast of Ayrshire and is where the endangered plant Amorpha Nana can be found among the unplowed prairie plants.
  3. What conservation area is in a river bayou?
    • Brushy Bayou is a 75 acre river timber site located 4 miles southeast of Emmetsburg and provides an excellent area for people to view many woodland species of wildlife.
  4. What conservation area features trap shooting facilities?
    • Sportsmans Park, located 2.25 miles north of Cylinder, features a shooting range and club house, as well as a fishing area.
  5. Which conservation area has an abandoned railroad?
    • Little-Bit-of Prairie is a small 3.5 acre piece of conservation land that is located a couple miles southeast of Ruthven and offers seasonal native flowers.
  6. Which conservation area has a prairie knoll, marsh, and river access?
    • Riverview Wildlife Area, located 1.5 miles south of Graettinger, has great access to the West Fork of the Des Moines River for fishing.
  7. What park has a campground with 24 sites?
    • Lost Island-Huston Park is located on the east shore of Lost Island Lake, 4 miles north of Ruthven, and features camping sites with water and electric, as well as a playground for the kids.
  8. What conservation area is the former site of a car salvage yard?
    • Basswood Recreation Area, located just north and east of Hwy 18 river bridge west of Emmetsburg, was cleaned up from its previous use as a car salvage yard, and now features picnic areas, a boat ramp, and trails to view the floodplain timber, river wetlands, and the vegetation and wildlife that flourish in the area.
  9. Which conservation area would you have a good chance to see a great blue heron nesting high in the trees?
    • Brushy Bayou is along the West Fork of the Des Moines River, and is one of the largest public timbers tracts in Palo Alto County where you just might find great blue heron high in the trees.
  10. What food plot crop is located at the West Fork Wetlands?
    • Turnips is the food plot crop at the West Fork Wetlands, located 3 miles west of West Bend.
  11. Which is the largest county conservation board area?
    • Watson Heritage Area, located just south of Emmetsburg, is over 200 acres of restored prairie and seven restored wetlands.
  12. What river runs through Palo Alto County and has ten county conservation board areas adjacent to it?
    • West Fork Des Moines River cuts through the middle of Palo Alto County.
  13. What group petitioned to bring to a vote to the people for the creation of the Palo Alto County Conservation Board?
    • Palo Alto Women’s Club petitioned enough signatures, at least 200 names according to the state legislature creating the County Conservation Board law in 1955, to bring the prospect of a county conservation board to a vote in Palo Alto County.