Naturalist’s Trivia:
1.  How many times does a hummingbird’s wings beat per second?

Palo Alto County Conservation Trivia

  1. Which conservation area was a location where people used to dance?
  2. Which preserve showcases 70 acres of native prairie, including an endangered plant species?
  3. What conservation area is in a river bayou?
  4. What conservation area features trap shooting facilities?
  5. Which conservation area has an abandoned railroad?
  6. Which conservation area has a prairie knoll, marsh, and river access?
  7. What park has a campground with 24 sites?
  8. What conservation area is the former site of a car salvage yard?
  9. Which conservation area would you have a good chance to see a great blue heron nesting high in the trees?
  10. What food plot crop is located at the West Fork Wetlands?
  11. Which is the largest county conservation board area?
  12. What river runs through Palo Alto County and has 10 county conservation board areas adjacent to it?
  13. What group petitioned to bring to a vote to the people for the creation of the Palo Alto County Conservation Board?