You Otter Know about the Otters

With trapping season approaching, one of the animals that may come to mind is the river otter.  The river otter ...
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No See Ums

No See Ums You usually don’t see them coming, which has earned these pesky bugs the nickname of “no see ...
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Big Bluestem

If you have been driving around lately, you have probably noticed a color change on some of our prairies and ...
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Lost Island Trail Improvements

This summer the Lost Island Trail was extended and now provides two miles of paved surface for joggers, walkers, and bicyclists.  People ...
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Building Better Birders-Introduction to Raptors

Jan 28, 2021 – 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

This event will be an educational presentation to help familiarize participants to raptors you will find in Iowa.  This workshop will be conducted by Kelly McKay (BioEco Research and Monitoring Center), with assistance from Mark Roberts (Clinton County Conservation), and Brian Ritter (Nahant Marsh Education Center).  Funding for this workshop was provided by the Resource Enhancement and Protection-Conservation Education Program (REAP-CEP).

Pre-registration is required by calling 712-837-4866.

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Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Board of Supervisors meet at the Palo Alto County Courthouse each Tuesday. You can find the Board of Supervisors ...
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